Wheeling ‘N’ Dealing At The Car Dealerships

The time has come. My beloved Monty the Mustang is facing mortality, sooner than I would have hoped, although passing some serious mileage expectations! Currently standing at 215,500 miles, the 1999 silver beast is losing it’s Vroom Vroom Vroom, and the cold air that used to pass through the vents is almost a distant memory. After taking my dear transporter to 2 mechanics, who couldn’t fix Monty’s computer, the brains behind the machine, the time has come to look for something else that can get me from A to B safely and dependably.

So with all that said, my man and I have been on the hunt looking for some new wheels. We’ve probably visited about 9 car dealerships so far. I knew that car salesmen had a pushy reputation behind them, but man … there are some shady characters parading around those lots. Our first visit at a Ford dealership was awful, and maybe it’s part due that our inexperience shone through. Dealer number one was showing us cars that we had no interest it whatsoever, and pointing out cars that he was obviously just trying to get rid of. So after about 15 minutes of listening to Mr B.S. ¬†and his contradictions, we were donski’s and scooted out there.

Moving forward a couple of other bad experiences and an outrageous quote on a used car, we headed to a Kia dealership. Thankfully we were welcomed by a guy who was on his second week on the job, and may have been too honest, but it was definitely appreciated. We tested out a Kia Soul which I was sold on. My man wasn’t (insert big disappointing groan here). Feeling slightly enlightened with this dealership, we were okay to go inside and give our details to this guy to keep us up to date of future vehicles that we should maybe check out in the near future. However, once inside a sales manager decided that he would come in and take over the conversation some. This was annoying, and so interfering, continuing to sell us on other cars that we weren’t interested in. So we left.

Finally – we find a car to suit both our liking! So much so that we went in and started negotiating some numbers together with the seller. I have to say that I was very impressed with my “I ain’t backing down” attitude. Some of the numbers that were flying our way were way up there. They were so up there that I literally had to enthuse a “SAY WHAT” to the cray cray make-believe numbers in front of us. With some haggling here, and some “definitely not’s” there we’re almost there. Not quite, as we had to go home and think on it. But almost!

It really had me thinking though, about the notions that the these car sales guys go through, with the extortionate rates that they try and mince out of people. It’s really a shitty career, if you can call it a career, and there are some guys out there who genuinely do want to give their customers the best possible deal, but the rest of them are really egging on people to continue the negative stigma that this job entails.

If you’re ever in the same boat as we are, may I suggest a couple of tips to help you have the best experience possible, finding the car that YOU want, and not what some car dealership guy is trying to talk you into:

  • If you see the guy heading in your direction – RUN!
  • or, If you see the guy heading in your direction – hide in and out behind the cars on the lot!
  • If you’re not ready and need more time to look around, make sure that they know and leave you to it.
  • If you get to the test drive phase, be honest about what you like and don’t like about the vehicle – this will allow the guys that care to key in on a car that would be more up your alley.
  • Stick to your guns when it comes to price – make sure you know you’re budget and how flexible you can afford to be with it.
  • Don’t let them talk you into test driving a car that is more than you can afford – you will love the car, and feel like crap knowing you can’t afford it.
  • Test out a number of cars, and find out what you like.
  • Enjoy the experience – don’t rush it.

To be continued …


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