Two British Olympic Heroes To Be Proud Of

With the Olympics just days away, I thought it would be a great time to recollect on two top British Olympic moments, of two Olympic heroes,  that I have found to be quite inspirational.

Steve Redgrave winning his 5th gold medal in his 5th consecutive Olympic games debut was an absolute record of the true grit and motivation that exudes from this athlete. It has been a feat accomplished by only three other people. The crazy thing, was after crossing the line to collect his 4th gold medal in Atlanta (1996), he was interviewed and said that “if anyone sees me near a boat, please shoot me”. Well, everyone obviously ignored his joking request and off he trained to compete ready for the 2000 SYdney games, and grab that gold for the 5th and final time.

Derek Redmond is probably best known, not for winning but for his determination to cross the finish line, knowing that his medal hopes, in that 1992 Barcelona Olympics, were non-existent. The British runner was participating in the 400m semi-final round. The race starts, and Redmond is looking strong when suddenly his leg gives out – hamstring is torn. He crouches down as the other runners finish the race. Not one to give-up, he uncomfortably struggles to get up, and attempts to hop towards the finish line. His dad scurries past security and joins his son on the track, giving him some help. The tears and dreams shedding from Redmond’s eyes are many, but his character was medal winning and recognised throughout the world as he finally crossed the finish line.

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