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The Pinterest Addiction

photoCausing quite a revolution in Social Media, Pinterest has swarmed computer screens across the World. It’s a site that welcomes and shares ideas, crazes, beauty, foodiliciousness, design delights, thoughts and LOL quotes across a realm of boards created by a multitude of users. Users = You, Me, or anyone with the internet hookup. The Betty homemakers refer to the site to garner up the perfect truffle making recipes. The boy next door is re-pinning that oh-so-loud and roaring old-school muscle car that he dreams of driving cross-country. The peeps who just need that extra little push, that little motivation to get their diets in check and gym faces on as they glare at the infamous before and after weight loss images.

Pinterest is all about Pinning and sharing interests. As from their website “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love”. But they don’t tell you that Pinterest is truly an addiction just waiting to happen. You’ll plan on sitting at your desk and have a quick peek at some ideas to help organize your house – when in actual fact, you spend 3 hours re-pinning the most awesome and “I can’t believe I never thought about that” ideas to help your home, that you’ve actually left no time to organize your home. Time has literally flown – flown by into the depths of the Pinterest tunnel.

With all that said, Pinterest is the most remarkable device. It’s real people posting their favorite things, themes and cravings. You can add your friends from other social paths, or follow strangers that have posted stuff that match your tastes. Personally, I refer to Pinterest for research ideas to help decorate my house, or ideas for my wedding. With that said, I’ve been using Pinterest to help plan my wedding, before I was even engaged! Pinterest is the decorating/wedding magazine without the $5 price tag and paper/print to waste. I can get onto my Pinterest account and create my own boards with their own themes and organize them my own way. I even even create my own secret boards away from the gawks of public users. And I have!

Another few reasons why Pinterest warms my heart is down to it’s clean appearance, the easy to use manageability¬†and the screen is not down-trodden with ads to drive you nuts. Also, explicit images are a rarity! Although, there was an image of just a hand covering the nether region of a Mister Adam Levine that was quite lovely. I never really looked at him as a handsome fella until that moment – very yummy!

So get on Pinterest and feel an addiction that is like no other!

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