Smiley’s Saving Tips – Part 1

I love saving! Not only do I get a buzz from watching the pennies growing each month, I also find the challenge fun.

My wonderful Willyum (my lovely fiance) and I are always looking for ways to boast up our savings or get more for our money. I understand that the following ideas aren’t practical for everyone but here are few saving tips that we do/have done to increase our money pot with cash …
Ditch the car/train/bus
I realize this would be life changing for most and impossible for others. However, It really grinds my gears when my fellow beings of humanity think of every excuse NOT to ditch the car, try to think of ways you could make it work without the car. Sit down, work it all out, consider it. What are the pros? what are the cons? I know people that drive one block to work!!!
William and I used to catch a train to work, it would cost £80/$125 per month that’s almost £1000/$1500 per year, we figured if we bought ourselves some bikes and cycled to work the bikes would pay for themselves within a few months. So we said goodbye train, hello bicycle. It was a great move, having said that, one day while we were grocery shopping mine got nicked! The only reason they didn’t get William’s bike was because one of his tyres had a puncture that morning thus he was on foot. We bought the best locks we could find n’all. These days we’ll either walk the 5 mile round trip or if where feeling motivated we’ll run (we are lucky enough to have a shower at work). I’m not going to lie, It was difficult to get into the habit at first but it’s absolutely worth it. Without doubt the pros and cons are going to vary from each individuals circumstances to another, here are mine:
saving almost £1000/$1500 per year
exercise/fresh air
no road rage (memo to self – must do an article on pavement etiquette)
Not causing any pollution at all
Guilt free
occasional involuntary showers
sore calves for the first week
Grocery Shopping
If you don’t have a freezer, you should consider getting one. I’m not talking about the little compartment at the top of your fridge, I mean a real chest freezer. It will pay for itself in no time. I’m not sure if all supermarkets do this but all of our local chains stores do; before closing they sticker-up all of the items that are going to expire past their sell by date. I’ve trained my eyes to spot these stickers from a mile away.
Okay, I’ve got to admit I felt embarrassed a few times when I thought the check-out clerks were judging me, like I was really poor or something so I can see why this can feel humiliating to some people but look at it logically, it’s perfectly good food, it’s over 90% off it’s original price in most cases, why not? Some nights there isn’t really very much to shout about, but the nights that the cheap food is in abundance more than makes up for it. When we walk away from the checkout with a weeks worth of groceries for less than a fiver I am in my element.
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