Respect for Tennis Player Andy Murray – You’ve Done Us Proud!

I’m originally from the UK, and used to play some tennis back in my ‘Hey Day’ so I was awake at 6am, up and ready to watch the Men’s Wimbledon Final this past Sunday morning. The main contender for the title was none other than Roger Federer, one of the greatest players to have ever lived, and also the fella that we named our pooch after (we were going to go for Raphael, after Nadal, but the thought of screaming for a pup called Raphael was cringe-worthy). And Andy Murray! The fearless and passionate Scottish player, oozing for a grasp at picking up a Grand Slam title.

I felt a lot of mixed feelings about this particular match, because as silly as it sounds, I wanted them both to win. I did feel that they were both winners throughout the entire match, but whomever would have to carry the loss was going to have the weight of pride from tennis fans across the World. You just want Federer to win because he’s always ¬†been a top bloke, and really carries himself as a humble gentleman. Also, he’s got a silly cute sense of humour … You just have to see this CNN video of Federer interviewing to see what I’m talking ¬†about (fun bit begins at the 1:46 mark).

And in the other corner, you just want Murray to get his hands on that Wimbledon trophy! Britain hasn’t had a Men’s Singles Champion since 1936, when Fred Perry was ruling the tennis circuit. The whole of Britain was behind Andy, the feisty Scot, with mountains of support and also with hopes to get British tennis back on the map.

With Murray taking the first set, Federer came back and athletically demanded an epic performance of multiple inside-out forehands and a powerful demonstration of aggression commanded with each shot that left his racquet! Final score: 4/6, 7/5, 6/3, 6/4 to the Fed Man.You have to hand it to Murray – he played an outstanding tournament, and there wasn’t another player that deserved to be in that Final against Roger more than Andy. The emotion that poured out during the trophy presentation was expected, yet tears fell upon many proud British fans as Murray tried to deliver his speech. I was one of those fans! Murray didn’t have to say a word – his expressions and emotion spoke a million words to viewers, as you can see here.So, with all that said, please keep your eyes out for Murray – a man I’m proud to support, and a man who should be considered as a tennis playing Braveheart.
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  2. That’s really interesting. Thanks for posting all the great information! Had never thought of it all that way before.

    1. After the final I felt totally satisfied with the whole tournament. I think it was the best tournament for a really long time. I am not a huge Federer fan, but he was literally unbeatable in the final. Yes, I think Benneteau should’ve beat him in the 3rd round, but how he responded is how only just Federer can. He deserved it and by the numbers, he is the most successful and the best tennis player of all time. I still doubt that on his prime, he would’ve beat Sampras on any other surface than clay. Hats off to Fed. He is the GOAT

  3. Awwww…I love that article! Well written, emotionally well balanced, and from the heart…If I was Andy, I’d be chuffed to farquhar :0)

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