My Top Ten Things Right Now

1) Pinterest – Digital inspiration pin board to add idea, likes, LOVES and see what everyone is pinning too.

2) Homemade Oreo truffles – Recipe found on pinterest of course!

3) Game of Thrones – Best TV Series ever made!

4) Shopping at Homegoods – Buying lovely nice items for the home, without paying with an arm or leg.

5) Making my own bracelets – Beading, beading and beading colourful and quirky bracelets!

6) Our House-trained Doggy – We are now able to leave him roam the house, while we’re at work, confidentally!

7) Stringing lights  – We circled our “patio-ey” area with hanging lights – doesn’t look to shabby at all!

8) London Olympics – July 27th is just around the corner, whoop whoop!

9) Chocolate – Always have, always will

10) Laundry is all done – Yep, kippish, all done – all 5 loads of it!


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