Makeup Firsts, Remember?


Do you remember the first time you put make-up on? I’m not talking about being a kid and messing around with your mum’s fancy cosmetics,

making your lips look like Krusty the clown! I’m talking about really getting down to it and wearing it for reals – you know like really for reals. Was it a concealer to cover up that ghastly teenage zit? Or was it that ‘perhaps we went a little too dark’ bronzer for that almost Jersey shore orange hue?

I was a bit of a late bloomer in the old makeup department phase. It wasn’t part of my daily routine until I was 19-20 years old and even then I was applying it in a funky manner. However, I did try and experiment with a bit of lippy and some shiny eyeshadow when I was 14. First off, the lipstick was from Rimmel, and I can’t believe I don’t remember the name of the shade, but I only had it because all my friends were wearing it – and high school was all about fitting in – right? But, God I looked awful. And, probably thankfully, that shiny eyeshadow got me into trouble at school. My school, which was Catholic = lots of rules, had a NO MAKEUP ALLOWED policy. I wasn’t really trying to rebel or anything, I just wanted to 1) fit in, 2) have that guy I’d been crushing on for 3 years to notice me and 3) wear my Bon Bons eyeshadow that I had purchased from America (Wal-mart may I add)! Needless to say, a teacher went ape cray-cray at me in front of the whole class, and that was the last of me wearing any makeup at school – I was absolutely embarrassed and some.

But now, as I take on the almost-late 20’s in my stride, my makeup routine is a morning must-do. I refuse to leave the house without a layer of foundation to cover those Eeeeky looking areas.

It makes you wonder though, when did the likes of Snooki and Courtney Love learn to apply makeup, and at what point did they stop, and change it up so we now familiarise them in categories for “what you don’t want to do with your face”?


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  1. When you said ” Jersey Shore orange hue” did you mean to say “Jersey Shore orange Hoe”?
    One of my earliest “for reals” make-up experiences was trying to be different by wearing sparkly red eye shadow and wittnessing one of the older girls taking a double take at my face then saying “oh my god, I though you had skinned your eye lids”.

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