July Wedding Coming Right Up!

photoWith July just around the corner, along with it comes a bitter-sweetness. My little sister is getting married!

Bitter = she isn’t so little anymore

Sweet = she found a top-notch fella who will undoubtedly take great care of her

With the vows to take place in the lovely Highlands of Scotland, lurking within a forest, I’m all so excited to get there and help with the wedding festivities. With an Atlantic between most of my family and I, it’s difficult to lend a hand here and there to help with such a life event.

I land a week before the nuptials and with front row seat to oversee and chip-in when needed with the wedding, I’ll be able to learn some what’s and not’s for my own wedding which will thankfully take place in December 2014. So yes, plenty of time to get around to that fun stuff (famous last words). After many a phone conversation with my Sister, she sounds quite chilled and laid-back considering the wedding is 45 days away. Having known my sister ALL MY LIFE I would’ve have assumed she would have pulled some hair out by now (possibly her fiances), cried hysterically multiple times or flared those rather large nostrils that our family have been heralded with – but no, she is one cool as a cucumber Bride-to-be.

One thing that will be different from any other wedding I’ve attended is the fact that this wedding will not be religious. With one side of my family being quite Catholic, I’m a tad surprised that my sister didn’t feel she needed to add some “Amens” and “Almighty Jesus” into the mix to appease some of the guests. On second thought, guests being the alternative word for my Nanny!

Finally, I’m excited to see all the family together in what will undoubtedly be a slightly awkward, yet a booze-bam-boozeled party of fun, and huge big ear to ear grinning day to celebrate that July wedding that had my sister get her I do’s on with one very brave man!






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  1. I can’t wait either! 😉 It’s going to be the most epic, happy occasion and I’m so so chuffed they’re doing it THEIR way! *raises invisible glass*

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