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High Desert, California

My husband is currently coaching A-ball out in High Desert, California so on a trip out there in early August I had my camera and got to taking some photos of roadside happenings that caught my eye! My trip took me from Victorville, Helendale and close to Barstow as there was a fire that suddenly broke out with smoke filling up the skies.

And what did High Desert have to offer …

One very photo-loving spot was Elmer’s Glass Bottle Tree Ranch out in Oro Valley! Towering poles of welded metal, branched with colorful and your plain-jain glass bottles stood in a the front yard right on Route 66! Rusted memorabilia were placed at the top of these “cactus-looking” towers, along with other bits and pieces to really bring out more curiosity in this collectors ranch.

As you drove further down the road, an old water tower in another front yard, with “Jesus Saves” painted afront was an odd, but inquisitive photo-stop moment. This area of Route 66 insistently flowed with a Vintage flair … a fallen down gas station with the rotating dials of a pump open to view, a old school Mini Mart no longer open for who know how long, an old tyre shop junkyard and a shop wall painted with a Route 66 basic map.

High Desert isn’t a vacation spot, far from it, but it is a place to grasp a feel of 60’s Americana with it’s multiple antique stores and photo-stop areas that are out in plain view to capture. High Desert CA High Desert CA 1 High Desert CA 2 High Desert CA 15 High Desert CA 16 High Desert CA 17 High Desert CA 21 High Desert CA 20 High Desert CA 19 High Desert CA 18 High Desert CA 36 High Desert CA 26 High Desert CA 25 High Desert CA 24 High Desert CA 23 High Desert CA 13 High Desert CA 12 High Desert CA 11 High Desert CA 10 High Desert CA 8 High Desert CA 14 High Desert CA 7 High Desert CA 5 High Desert CA 4 High Desert CA 32 High Desert CA 33 High Desert CA 29 High Desert CA 28 High Desert CA 37 High Desert CA 41 High Desert CA 38 High Desert CA 40 High Desert CA 39 High Desert CA 34 High Desert CA 31 High Desert CA 22 High Desert CA 27

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Photos From The Motherland

‘Twas July 2015, and I went back to the Motherland (the UK // United Kingdom // Great Britain // Scotland & England to be Precise in my case) for a very quick week trip! Obviously, a couple of pix were taken  of my wee adventures up in the Outer Hebrides and down south in England. As I currently live in the lovely, warm/baking hot desert of Arizona, it’s always amazing to get home to bask in the lovely convos with family and seep up all the greenery that these well rained upon pastured lands procure. Highlights below …


Wee Lamb and Protective Mum
Wee Lamb and Protective Mum

My Auntie Mel’s lamby!!! My Aunt is a crofter and raises sheep and cows – a serious business that she absolutely loves! She has a connection with her animals so deep that she has named a cow after my mum, another cow after her best friend … just touching!

Eileen Donan Castle
Eileen Donan Castle

The picturesque and iconic castle that we always pass when driving down from the Isle of Skye on the route to Inverness. It’s old, it has a footbridge, ummmm yes! Lovely stuff!

Cemetery by the Sea - Outer Hebrides
Cemetery by the Sea – Outer Hebrides

Let’s just say that when my time comes, I wouldn’t mind this “room” with a view here at Luskentyre Cemetery on the Isle of Harris!

Highland Cow doing the Marilyn
Highland Cow doing the Marilyn

I love, adore, smile at the site of these hairy balls of cuteness! So much so that I have a highland cow head hanging in my home! Calm down … not a real one … one of these lovelies by Abigail Ahern! Highland cows are real-life teddy cows – and they’re ginger, an empowerment of the genetic Scottish trait!

Googly Eyed Close-Up - "will you just get that darn camera outta m'face"
Googly Eyed Close-Up – “will you just get that darn camera outta m’face”


Shot a Deer ... camera shot that is
Shot a Deer … camera shot that is


Got Milk
Got Milk


Baa Baa Black Sheep
Baa Baa Black Sheep


Pug Life
Pug Life

This is Boe … or Bailey … I get confused, as they’re like twins, but they’re not. My lil cousin has two of these lovely puggabillies, and this is a true “it’s been a tough day” face.

Pug Disguise
Pug Disguise

My cousin can be bit camera shy, but she also likes to show off her pugs! This is Bailey … or Boe … I really need to pay attention, absolutely pants at putting names to faces.

Baby Blue Eyes
Baby Blue Eyes

This is Ayla, and yes, she really is this cute! I’m obsessed with my dahhhhhhling niece, and am so glad that we now live in a world of facetime so I can see her from the Motherland!

Baby Push Up ... Motivation
Baby Push Up … Motivation

Another piccy of my Ayla-bear! We were doing push-ups as part of our training for the next Crossfit Champs! Who am I kidding, I wasn’t … but Ayla was really getting into it as you can see! Goooooo Ayla!!!

Beautiful Baby Girl ... definitely family!
Beautiful Baby Girl … definitely family!


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Florida Everglades Wildlife

Just got back from an awesome trip from Florida, and on our last day we had an outing at the Sawgrass Everglades Park … of course, we had to do the the air boat trip! So being in a snap-happy mood, I took a bunch of pics along the way.   


Image 4-16-14 at 9.49 PM

Image 4-16-14 at 9.46 PM

Image 4-16-14 at 9.37 PM

Image 4-16-14 at 9.34 PM

Image 4-16-14 at 9.33 PM

Image 4-16-14 at 9.29 PM

Image 4-17-14 at 8.45 PM        Image 4-17-14 at 8.43 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.41 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.38 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.37 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.35 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.34 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.31 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.28 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.27 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.23 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.20 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.19 PM  Image 4-17-14 at 8.15 PM IMG_0452

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Fun at the Wildlife World Zoo in Surprise, AZ

Surprise, Arizona is a relatively new City (established in 1960), but it holds one of my favourite places to go visit – the wonderful and fun “Wildlife World Zoo“. Plus it’s about 10 minutes from my house which is very handy too!

One thing that stands out is the openness and more natural-looking habitats that exhibits the animals, whilst still allowing spectators to get up and close to check out these non-domestic critters. The zoo doesn’t offer such a commercial flair to bring in the crowds, committing more to the Wildlife aspect as in its name, but there are definitely attractions that make the Zoo fun for all – in such instances that checking out the animals wasn’t enough! I personally love to feed the giraffe … and they love to be fed too … great combo if you ask me. But nothing beats the kid in me and getting myself in that petting zoo!!!!! The cuteness of the goats, deer and llamas head-butting at my legs and nibbling at my clothes is just my thing. I can’t help myself begging my fiance to take a snapshot as the baby goats jump on my back.

By the way, did I mention that there are kangaroos at the zoo – yes, KANGAROOS! I had never seen kangaroos prior to my first visit so I’m always excited to see the bounding fellas.

Surprise zoo also has a skyride which takes you from one side of the zoo to the other. We indulged in this on my first visit due to my low-tolerance to the pain in my feet caused my these silly sandals I chose to wear that day. Comfy shoes that aren’t shy to get a tad mucky are a must, as the zoo paths are dirt trails.

I have never been bored on my visits to the Zoo and hope to get back soon with a camera thats battery doesn’t die 10 minutes into my adventure … please check out some of my pix below (with some help with my new “flare” photography app) …

Wildlife World Zoo - giraffe

Wildlife World Zoo - chipmunk

Wildlife World Zoo - meerkat

Wildlife World Zoo - gibbon

Wildlife World Zoo - thinking gibbon

Wildlife World Zoo - cheeky monkies

Wildlife World Zoo - cheeky monkey

Wildlife World Zoo - hold my hand monkey

Wildlife World Zoo - lonely monkey

Wildlife World Zoo - hello bird

Wildlife World Zoo - birds