Hairy Highland Cows

I’ve been having a lot of fun working on posting pictures of hairy Highland Cows to an incredibly well-named, and well-thought out new Instagram page I’ve created. Brace yourselves … it’s called … Cows.With.Cool.Hair

Basically, I get to have fun posting photos of my recent trips back home with an array of hairy Highland cows that just look spectacularly cute, and in desperate need of haircuts.

Highland cows are a breed of Scottish cattle, well-known for their long coats. They typically have long horns, and colours can range. For the most part, I get to hang out with the red and black coated Moo’s. The long hair helps them deal with the climate for which they’ve been bred for, up North in the Scottish Highlands. The climate is typically windy, and rain is frequent.

The spots I take my piccies are up by where my Mum and Sis live in Evanton (fairly close to the City of Inverness), and also up on the Isle of Benbecula, in the Outer Hebrides, where the rest of my Mum’s side of the family live. There is a fantastic croft by Culla Bay with the most gorgeous group of Highland Coos … definitely spend much of my time clicking at the camera there.

Anyways, please go ahead and enjoy some of the photos below … and I hope you get to adore these most fond-looking, hairy, horny, cute Highland cows!


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High Desert, California

My husband is currently coaching A-ball out in High Desert, California so on a trip out there in early August I had my camera and got to taking some photos of roadside happenings that caught my eye! My trip took me from Victorville, Helendale and close to Barstow as there was a fire that suddenly broke out with smoke filling up the skies.

And what did High Desert have to offer¬†…

One very photo-loving spot was Elmer’s Glass Bottle Tree Ranch out in Oro Valley! Towering poles of welded metal, branched with colorful and your plain-jain glass bottles stood in a the front yard right on Route 66! Rusted memorabilia were placed at the top of these “cactus-looking” towers, along with other bits and pieces to really bring out more curiosity in this collectors ranch.

As you drove further down the road, an old water tower in another front yard, with “Jesus Saves” painted afront was an odd, but inquisitive photo-stop moment. This area of Route 66 insistently flowed with a Vintage flair … a fallen down gas station with the rotating dials of a pump open to view, a old school Mini Mart no longer open for who know how long, an old tyre shop junkyard and a shop wall painted with a Route 66 basic map.

High Desert isn’t a vacation spot, far from it, but it is a place to grasp a feel of 60’s Americana with it’s multiple antique stores and photo-stop areas that are out in plain view to capture. High Desert CA High Desert CA 1 High Desert CA 2 High Desert CA 15 High Desert CA 16 High Desert CA 17 High Desert CA 21 High Desert CA 20 High Desert CA 19 High Desert CA 18 High Desert CA 36 High Desert CA 26 High Desert CA 25 High Desert CA 24 High Desert CA 23 High Desert CA 13 High Desert CA 12 High Desert CA 11 High Desert CA 10 High Desert CA 8 High Desert CA 14 High Desert CA 7 High Desert CA 5 High Desert CA 4 High Desert CA 32 High Desert CA 33 High Desert CA 29 High Desert CA 28 High Desert CA 37 High Desert CA 41 High Desert CA 38 High Desert CA 40 High Desert CA 39 High Desert CA 34 High Desert CA 31 High Desert CA 22 High Desert CA 27