Batman Is Just Around The Corner!

I love the Batman movies, so as you can guess, this upcoming sure-to-be Blockbuster The Dark Night Rises  is really getting me pumped up. Everyone is hyped, the trailer just looks fanbloodytastic and I even have a co-worker who’s going all out and dressing up as Batman when he goes to view it – why I don’t know, but I didn’t really want to get i
n to it. I already booked my tickets to go watch the movie this Sunday so yeah – got my organised face on!

Batman Begins really was a truly brilliant, action-packed and emotion grabbing movie – it’s hard to believe that it came out back in 2005! Liam Neeson really made it that much better, not because he’s an absolute DILF, but he’s just that good!

Batman – The Dark Knight was also great, I don’t think it topped Batman Begins, but it was definitely up there! Obviously, Heath Ledger owned the role as “The Joker” like the legend he is, and totally made it his own.

So, Christian Bale – who we most definitely should not forget, is tremendous strutting his stuff as he takes on his role as Batman. I appreciate the stern and intimidating persona he has combined as the caped hero. Definitely gives you a sense of intrigue, as a spectator, watching this character develop in front of eyes.

So yes, 5 days to go and I get to be captivated by Christopher Nolan’s artistic endeavors once again as we witness Gotham City face another toll of trails and tribulations.

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