Why Hello!

I’m Jenna, British born, bred and now fled to the States. Living with my handsome husband¬†and proud mother of our bullador Roger! Love to talk randomness, always and sadly tell a lot of “I guess you had to be there” jokes, clumsier than a monkey, and proud advocate of pinterest! Trying to evolutionize myself into a web publisher – oh, I overuse the words LOVELY and COOL BEANS!

I have a lot of ideas, and interests that I need to stop talking about, and just get on and do it. So here I am with ‘a website’ that has been talked about for a while.

I came up with the name crowded sounds to encourage multiple voices and different verticals to be freely expressed on one site. So yes, posts may go from chocolate to sports, from love to complaints but here’s a place for it all!

I appreciate feedback, tips and holla’s to make this site as resourceful and friendly for all, so please don’t be shy if you would like to help this gal out!

Thank you being here!!

Jenna x


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